Imagine starting your day....
Sitting at your favorite coffee spot sipping on your favorite drink.  You are both nervous and excited about the consultation you have coming up in a couple of hours with a potential new client.  It's his first time experiencing this type of transaction, so you want to be on your "A" game to make sure he feels comfortable and confident in your ability to service his needs.  

You open up your copy of REAL Agent Secrets - 31 Practical Proverbs for Success In Real Estate and Life, and it just so happens that this morning's topic speaks almost perfectly to the thoughts running through your head.  

Inspired and empowered by the wisdom gained from your reading, you get up ready to take on the world and win that client's business!    
Why You Need Your Copy of REAL Agent Secrets Today
Dismiss distraction, and lock in on what is important to the growth and development of your character and business.
Eliminate confusion, and move forward confidently with at clear path.
Say goodbye to discouragement, and be inspired to take positive action toward your goals.
Get "un-stuck" as you embrace direction from wise, time-proven counsel.
"This book will change the way you do business."
King Solomon was one of the wisest (and richest) men ever to live on planet earth.  His collection of proverbs is full of practical principles that can be applied to family, life and business. 

In REAL Agent Secrets, author Jason Shine cherry-picks wisdom keys that have brought great success to many of the clients that he serves through his business coaching and consulting company (REAL Smart Consulting, LLC). 

Written in a clear, concise, no-fluff and easy-to-read format, this short but impactful book is perfect for busy entrepreneurs; real estate professionals; and those who find it hard to stay connected with improvement books that go on and on. 

 Whether you read it as a daily devotional, or all in one sitting, the lessons shared will bring you greater clarity; inspire you to take positive action; and help you to live a more fulfilling life.
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Jason R. Shine, Author
About the Author
Jason Shine is a husband, father and entrepreneurial coach with a passion for helping professionals live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Jason believes that it is not only possible, but should be the aim of every entrepreneur to be both profitable and fulfilled in his or her endeavors.  

Jason got his start as a business coach and consultant in 2012 while selling real estate in northern Virginia. As a member of the Agent Leadership Council of his brokerage, Jason often masterminded with other top-producing real estate agents. There he quickly learned that many agents were making a lot of money - running highly profitable businesses - but were totally unfulfilled. They knew what they were good at (in most cases), and how to get the job done, but they really didn't have much of a reason for WHY they got out of bed to work each day. They knew the routine, but lacked a sense of purpose. That was a wake up call-to-action for Jason, and the genesis of REAL Smart Consulting.  

Today, Jason coaches and consults with real estate agents; mortgage lenders; financial services professionals; senior corporate leadership and more. As a result of his coaching, business owners have doubled income; launched new teams; pursued buried dreams and continue to chase after and tackle the unknown.